Snowjoggers are the latest footwear sensation. The creation of the Danish-born designer, Eik Ottosen; Snowjoggers are comfy, cosy and cool.

Celebrities are loving the Snowjoggers and are making the Snowjogger boots a fashion statement and they’re taking Hollywood by storm.   They’re now available in the UK and are available online – buy online here.

Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Fearne Cotton Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Hillary Duff, and Liv Tyler have all been spotted wearing Snowjoggers.

Eik says he used to trek five miles in the snow to get to school. “This provided the inspiration for the ‘80s-inspired snow boot,” he says.

“In 2005, I decided to have 600 pairs of Snowjoggers made and put them on consignment in a few stores in Denmark. Within three days, every pair sold out and the orders came thick and fast.”

“They are part sneaker, part snow boot and are available in bright patent-leather colours, futuristic metallics, and retro striped designs. The boots are made of waterproof nylon with suede and rubber trim around the outer sole.”

“The Snowjogger boots have double Velcro closure at the back, and a jogging shoe-style rubber sole designed specifically to be worn in wet weather or snow,” Eik says.

Eik’s Rubber Duck brand has a global message of corporate karma. “I developed the wear and care concept program to contribute to the well being of Rubber Duck factory workers in Bangladesh and China. The company returns 10 percent of the production cost to the workers as a bonus each year,” he says.

Good on you, Eik!  Get your pair of Snowjoggers here.