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About Celeb Fashion

Celeb Fashion follows the latest celebrity fashion and brings you the clothes the stars wear, all on one site.

Get the celebrity style fashion and wear the same clothes as seen on stars such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Paris Hilton and the new pop sensation The Saturdays.

We’ll list all the best places to get the latest celebrity fashion online and keep checking for the latest celebrity fashion news and style advice.

Everyone would love to be a celebrity and we all are in our own right – don’t let anyone tell you any different! 

Meet The Team

Suzy P

Suzy is the editor of Celeb Fashion and she’s a self confessed shopaholic!

Best buy: A Chanel handbag I found at a charity shop in Wilmslow

Loves to shop at: Truffle Shuffle

Pete B

Pete looks after the admin side and makes sure all things are working ticketyboo at Celeb Fashion.

Best buy: Probably my Nintendo Wii

Loves to shop at: It’s a toss up between House of Fraser and Urban Outfitters

Arun B

Arun is the geekiest guy you’ll ever meet but we love him.  Arun takes care of the website and ensures it’s working properly. 

Best buy: My iPhone

Loves to shop at: EBTM, Apple and Firebox

We’re always looking for things to review and if you have any products or items you’d like to see on Celeb Fashion, please send them our way – especially in Suzy’s direction!

Get in touch for more details and look forward to hearing from you.


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