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It’s that time of year again and every celebrity and his/her dog has a fitness DVD out.

There’s no denying fitness DVD’s can help you get in shape and make sure you still fit in that dress after all that Christmas food and drink!

Topping the bestselling chart is Davina’s Super Body Workout and priced at just £11.98 from Amazon, it’s great value.

There’s two 40 minute workouts – Super Fit and Super Sculpt – and Davina is joined by ex-marine and her personal trainer Mark.  Both workouts include their own warm-up and cool-down, so no excuses for skipping those bits!

Each routine on Davina’s Super Body Workout DVD is completely self-contained and designed to work your whole body.

Judging by the great reviews, there’s plenty of thumbs ups for Davina’s latest fitness DVD.

> Buy online for £11.98 (with free delivery) from

Heidi Klum in Guitar Hero Advert

Nov 3, 2008 Author: Suzy P | Filed under: Celeb Gossip

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero World Tour Advert

It’s not that often you top models letting their hair down, but here’s Heidi Klum doing just that!

Check out the Youtube video of her advert for Guitar Hero.

Heidi, albeit too gorgeous, shows she knows how to have fun.

Fancy a bit of headbanging and rocking around the front room yourself?  Guitar Hero is on all consoles and available from 

Does Heidi rock?  Let us know by adding your comments below.